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AL Proprity HiFi Triple (2x Reg + 1 TX sensors and GPS)


AL Priority is the most advanced and reliable multi-purpose laser protection and parking system. HiFi Control Set with Speaker adds Voice Alerts, Voice Menu, and LIDAR Identification. Most customers prefer HiFi alerts over beeping alerts from regular ALP buzzer.

  • 100% legal laser parking sensor / park assist avoiding front bumper damage
  • Ultra protection against LIDAR based devices
  • AL-Priority has the world’s smallest sensor, with 20% improvement on laser detection over AL G9, and 40%+ better than competition
  • Beautifully designed Control Set for easy mounting inside cabin
  • Optional Bluetooth Module (recommended) – for over-the-air firmware updates via smartphone (Android and iPhone supported)
  • Optional Integrated NetRadar DSP + ALP package available
  • Free web firmware update via USB
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • ALP HiFi Version – includes HiFi Control Set and a loud amplified speaker
  • Add optional Rear Protection – Rear Defence Add-on available
  • Now shipping Hardware Rev.4 CPU Box with increased memory (benefits NetRadar DSP users)


AL Priority Triple (2x Reg + 1x TX-Black)

By mounting two regular sensors on either side and TX in the middle, this configuration offers maximum front laser protection for ANY vehicle! TX boosts protection against high PPS VPR LIDAR such as the DragonEye with ECCM.

New TX Black sensor now can operate effectively when mounted at around 7″ from ground




AL Priority is the world’s most advanced multipurpose laser defense system. If you encounter police speed LIDAR targeting from the rear, typically from overpasses, road-side or highway entrance ramps, you will need to choose an ALP Rear add-on pack to your AL Priority system.

100% DragonCam and Overpass Laser Defence

2x ALP sensors on the same side (front or rear) are required for proper defense against DragonEye (ECCM active). We recommend either Dual (1 RX + TX-Black) for a regular-sized car, or triple (2 RX + TX-Black) for a very wide truck or SUV. The all-new TX Sensor adds significant firepower and protection.



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AL Proprity HiFi Laser Defence


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