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Powergate 3+ Instructions

Important Programming Guidelines for Handheld Flasher (Powergate 3+)

  1. Battery Charger Requirement:

    • Always use a battery charger to maintain a consistent 12 volts during programming.

    • Failure to maintain voltage could lead to battery depletion, even if it’s new, and potentially damage the ECU.

    • Handling Errors During Programming:

      • If you encounter an error while programming:

        • Do not turn the key off or unplug the power gate.

        • These actions can harm the ECU.

        • Instead, return to tuning and restart the programming process.

        • Further instructions will clarify this process.

  2. ECU Safety During Programming:

    • While reading the ECU, no damage occurs.

    • However, programming can cause issues.

    • Failures typically result from:

      • A flat battery (disable accessories like air conditioning and radio).

      • Interruptions in the car-to-ECU connection.

    • To mitigate risks:

      • Connect a battery charger to the vehicle battery before starting programming.

      • Address any battery weakness beforehand.

  3. Completion of Programming:

    • Ensure that programming completes successfully before:

      • Disconnecting the cable.

      • Turning off the key.


Remember to follow these guidelines meticulously to avoid any potential damage to the ECU during programming.

The 3 Main Steps:

  1. Download the Powergate 3+ Software:

    • Ensure you have a Windows PC with a USB port (Windows 8 or newer).

    • Download the Powergate 3+ software from the provided link at bottom of page.

  2. Transfer the Read File:

    • After reading the file from your car, transfer it to your computer.

    • Email the file to us.

  3. File Modification and Programming:

    • We will modify the file as needed.

    • Once ready, we’ll send it back to you so you can program your car

Unboxing and Initial Setup:

  • In your box, you should find the following items:

    • Powergate 3+ device

    • OBD2 plug

    • USB plug

  • Important: Ensure you have a solid internet connection before proceeding.

Software Installation:

  • Use a PC running Windows 8 or higher.

  • Download the Powergate 3+ software.

  • Run the installer, following the prompts as you would for any other program.


Device Connection and Update:

  • Open the downloaded Powergate 3+ software.

  • Connect the Powergate 3+ to your computer’s USB port using the supplied USB cord.

  • The software will identify the device and initiate an update.

  • If you encounter an “initialize device” error, unplug and reconnect the Powergate while keeping the software running. It should eventually recognize the device.


Familiarize Yourself with the Touch Screen:

  • The Powergate 3+ has a touch screen interface.

  • Key sections:

    • Tuning: Start the process of reading your car.

    • Setup: Access the setup menu.

    • Diagnosis: Allows vehicle diagnostics.

    • Information: Displays hardware/software versions, serial number, and ECU details if you’ve already read your vehicle.

  • Navigation bar for system navigation.

Preparing Your Vehicle:

  • After updating the software, unplug the Powergate.

  • Locate your vehicle’s OBD2 port (usually under the dashboard) and plug in the Powergate.

  • Turn the car to the ON position (dashboard lights on, but the vehicle not running).

  • Turn off all accessories.

  • For keyless cars, press the start button without starting the car (no foot on the brake). The ECU will power up without starting the engine.

Powergate Activation:

  • The Powergate will turn on and load the home screen.

  • Click on the TUNING icon using the touch screen.

  • Select Vehicle Details: Choose the Make, Model, and Engine that closely matches your car.

Remember to follow these steps carefully to ensure successful programming and avoid any issues with your ECU.

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